finding peace - retreat


10th - 13th July 2022

For those who want to know the feeling of quiet in their minds and peace in their hearts more deeply.

Let's Meet

Chances are you've heard something here at A Little Peace of Mind and you'd like to explore what it means to live with a quieter mind and a more peaceful life in a way that's directly relevant to your life.

Finding Peace is an in-person retreat that will take place with a maximum of six participants over the course of four days at Foxhills Country House Hotel in Surrey.

We'll start at 4pm on Sunday 10th July and finish at 4pm on Wednesday 13th July.

Not only will there be conversations that will transform your perspective on life, but also a deep, in-your-bones experience of peace during the retreat itself.

To really know that space we call home. 

And, if you choose, there will be hot tubs, massages, yoga and walks in the woods between our sessions.

Your investment to join me for these four days of the Finding Peace Retreat is £1,997* and is the most intimate way of working with me outside of my private coaching programs.


How Do I Know This is Right For Me?

You'll know.

Your heart, mind and body will be telling you clearly if you have a yearning for peace and for quiet.



*Please note, VAT is included, accomodation and meals are not included.