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2nd - 5th October 2022

For Three-Principles based coaches and practitioners who want to get practical and grow a flourishing practice, know what they don't know, come up against a completely different idea of what's possible and take a quantum leap.

Then, when the dust settles, do what there is to be done.

3 spots remaining

How Does It Work?

We kick off with an intensive business-focussed retreat which will take place with a maximum of six participants over the course of four days at Foxhills Country House Hotel in Surrey.

We'll start at 4pm on Sunday 2nd October and finish at 4pm on Wednesday 5th October.

At the end of this retreat, you'll walk away with complete clarity about your unique way to create a six-figure coaching practice that creates a profound impact in the world.

There will be masterminding, inspiration, hot-seat coaching and transformational conversation.

And, if you choose, there will be hot tubs, massages, yoga and walks in the woods.

There will definitely be flowers, minds blow and absolute clarity gained about what makes sense for YOUR next steps in YOUR business.

Following the 4 days, there will be 90 days of Friday Focus Sessions in the form of six Q&A calls and six 4-hour Implementation Blocks. Rather than just leaving you after the retreat with tons of inspiration - we get down to work together and get the work done. Together.

Your investment in the Flourish Program is £4,997.*


About Nicola

Nicola Bird left the corporate world in 2007 and has created one seven-figure and two six-figure companies.

She is a Master Transformational Coach and has been mentored by many of the leaders in the Three Principles field. She founded A Little Peace of Mind in 2017 and is a published Hay House author of a book of the same name.

Nicola has created online programs, in-person intensives and retreats, one-to-one and group programs along with Practitioner training programs, podcasts and webinars.

She is also an expert in online marketing and client onboarding conversations and has a way of describing business growth and challenges using the garden, nature and flowers as a metaphor.

Hence the name Flourish.

Basically...when it comes to growing a coaching practice, she knows what she's talking about - with full integrity and without being an online markety sleaze-merchant LOL :)

How Do I Know This is Right For Me?

If you've read this far, you're either thinking "Uh, what? I'm a Three-Principles based Practitioner so surely there's nothing to do? Get practical? What, like actually DO stuff? Surely if I stay 'in the feeling, the clients will find me?'

In which case the 'Close tab' button is the one you're looking for.

Or your heart is thumping a little faster and you're jumping around (at least inside your head) saying "OMG YES! I am ready to get off my ass, play the game of business full out and fearlessly and co-create with the divine to bring something AMAZING into the world!"

In which case the 'book a call' button is the one you're looking for.

We'll have a brief conversation to decide whether you're a fit - and if so, we'll get you booked in.

Here it is :)


*Please note, VAT is included, accomodation and meals are not included.